Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Daniel Craig (the less famous version). Over the last eight years, I have invested my time in becoming an industry expert, so I could serve the needs of clients and be a trusted adviser. As a sales executive for CareerBuilder and then Monster, my area of specialty has been in the recruitment industry, where I solved complex problems with complex solutions within the talent acquisition arena.

Recently, I have stepped outside of my comfort zone to pursue an opportunity selling software applications which support customer experience (CX) initiatives. Please allow me to explain how recruitment and CX are alike: Candidates are customers, but instead of purchasing a product or service, they are buying into the organizations opportunity.

Almost any organization will tell you that finding (and retaining) the best people is their top priority. Would you agree that people are the most important asset to any organization? From a financial perspective alone, total human capital costs are almost 70% of operating expenses for most organizations. Clearly, a lot of resources are allocated towards talent acquisition and retention, but understanding job seeker behavior is often overlooked, resulting in bad investments, and inefficiencies in the recruiting process.

Instead focusing on the back end software to manage candidates, or spending money to advertise the open positions, organizations should first understand what it is like for a job seeker to apply to an open position. Once they have an understanding about what candidates want and expect, they can formulate a strategy. They should start by asking questions like:

What is the experience like for a candidate? How long does it take someone to complete the apply process? What is the drop-off rate on the career page? Are the expectations of the role clearly articulated? Are we accommodating the mobile seekers? What are the candidates saying about our application process? What does the application process look like for our competitors?

We are in the age of the customer. Whether we are considering the journey a job seeker takes to apply to a position, or the one taken by a consumer making a purchase, it is the customer who defines that experience. Companies need to be listening in order to create an amazing experience for their customers.


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