5 Truths for Marketing to Millennials


  • Question whether you know how to market them
  • Touch multiple devices daily
  • Accept that some types of personal information will be collected
  • Connect with companies in social media to get discounts and freebies
  • Are more likely to engage with trusted brands
  • Discover content through social networks
  • Want to engage in their preferred language
  • Expect a fast response & instant gratification

Based on the expectations of Millennials, here are 5 Truths for Marketing to Millennials

1) Campaigns are Extinct

Consider this: Millennials are most-likely to consider your offer if you’ve done business with them in the past. Email blasted campaigns from purchased lists are likely to be ignored.

  • Offer those that connect socially benefits not available elsewhere that are of value
  • Focus on brand-building efforts

2) Channels are Irrelevant

Consider this: Millennials touch their smartphones 45 times per day on average

  • Create consistent, cross-channel experiences to cater to any multiple device and optimize offers by channel
  • Realize that consumers see content the day it is sent

3) Content Finds the Customer
Consider this: The majority would choose hyper-targeted music content over traditional radio streams

  • Know your customer and deliver the hyper-targeted experience they expect if you want their attention
  • Target social efforts where content is discovered most

4) There is only One Language

Consider this: 1 in 4 Millennials speak a language of than English in their household, and nearly half (47%) of them prefer that language.

  • Connect with customers in their language of preference to engage with them on a deeper level

5) Your Data Trumps Big Data

Consider this: 40% of Millennials are able to identify specific digital information collected and tracked by companies

  • Be more transparent on the types of data you track to make it more acceptable in the eyes of the consumer

This information is a summary of the findings from a study of US Millennials, completed in February 2014. The focus of the study was to understand how Millennials around the globe operate as consumers in order to understand the Millennial mindset and to inform better marketing and business practices.


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