Sell me something good…

When was the last time someone rang your doorbell and tried to sell you something? For me, it was last night around dinner time.

Being in sales, I’m fascinated to see others “pitch.” I’m not sure why everyone else likes Sharktank so much, but I watch it, just to see people pitch their ideas. I’m obsessed with the art and science of selling.

As mentioned, yesterday someone rang my doorbell and tried to sell me a service for insect control. I have limited time with my wife and kids, so if someone is going to take away that time, it better be for a good reason, so I gave the guy a few minutes to see if he had anything valuable to offer.

Here’s how the pitch went:

  • he was in the area and they had trucks coming out tomorrow to service my neighbors
  • he wanted to know if I would be home tomorrow, so they could treat my house
  • the standard price was $150, but just for me, he was going to offer $99 (since they were in the neighborhood)

No matter what I said, he kept going back to the first two points, following a script. Even after I told him that pest control wasn’t a priority for me and that I’d rather spend the money on other things, he kept going for the close “you said you’d be home tomorrow, what time can we come by?” This really bothered me, because I was trying to guide him down a path: pest control wasn’t a priority for me. Why should I care about spiders and ants sneaking into my house? I was inviting him to educate me on the dangers of insect infestations, but that didn’t happen.

The guy was nice and I appreciated the fact that he wouldn’t take “no” for an answer, but he represented everything that is wrong with sales “professionals” today. Instead of selling first, he needed to educate me on why it’s important to kill all the pests (insects) around my house.

Anyone else have stories to share about a door to door salesperson who didn’t quite get it?


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