Content Marketing: strike out, or homerun?

So, content marketing is a priority for your organization? Good for you; content is great, but are you putting the right content out there?

I finished reading The Challenger Customer on a flight yesterday. During that time I was in the air, I missed my son’s soccer game (5 years old). He only has a few more games before they shut down for the winter. After the last game, they give out trophies for showing up.

That stream of consciousness connected back to the focus in the book on content marketing (showing up) and the actual success of delivering the right content. We (adults) don’t play in the world where we get trophies for showing up.

To further illustrate that point, let’s change sports and jump ahead a couple of hours…when I checked into my hotel I was eating dinner and glancing up at the TV when I noticed an ex-Phillies pitcher (Philly is my hometown), Cole Hammels implode and hand a victory over to the Toronto Blue jays. No one cares that he had 7 great innings of pitching…he failed to deliver a win. That’s the world we adults live in. We don’t get trophies for showing up and giving effort. You either strike out, or hit a home run.

What does that have to do with content marketing?

Showing up and delivering good content is essentially striking out, unless you deliver the right content that moves your prospects from “that’s nice to know” to “wow…I need to do something now!” That should be the goal of content marketing; unless it drives a prospect to action, it’s not a grand slam…it’s a swing and a miss.

Content that isn’t action provoking is just extra noise in an already noisy landscape of marketing “content” collateral that argues that company X is better than company Y, or product “A” is superior to “C.” Maybe you’re right, but so what? Why should anyone do anything?

That is the real question that any marketing content should be answering: why do anything? Along those lines, content marketing should always answer these 3 questions:

  • Why do anything?
  • Why do anything NOW?
  • Why is (insert your name here) the right partner to help with those 2 questions above?

You should read the book yourself, but that is what I took away from The Challenger Customer as it relates to content marketing. Here is a link to learn more about becoming a “Challenger Marketer” (CEB Global Site)

Now, let’s get real…take a look at your content and see what meets the criteria of those three why questions above.

I’ll start…of my 30 posts on LI, about 25 should be deleted for failing to deliver (they are strike outs).


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